New Release: Dark in the Light


Dark in the Light, Feat. Shylo Love

Release date: 2023-02-23


In the enchanting world of dance music, KILONOVA serves as your kosmic konductor, orchestrating glimmering dancefloor moments. Shylo Love, the creative force behind KILONOVA, weaves multi-genre journeys that move the body and ignite the soul. Over the past decade, she has been spinning sonic spells from behind the decks, with melodies that uplift, basslines that electrify, and beats that transcend boundaries.

Beyond the DJ booth, Shylo is a versatile artist, music producer, and sound therapist, harmonizing art, music, healing, and spirituality for over 15 transformative years. Her sonic enchantments help clear the mind and connect one to their heart’s rhythm. Shylo’s music, spanning meditation and dance albums produced under Sound Love Alchemy, Shylo Love, and KILONOVA, and released through her label LoveFire Records, have resonated with listeners in over 167 countries.

As the founder of LoveFire Radio, Shylo celebrates talented DJs and producers, unveiling an underground heartbeat of western Canada and beyond. Her passion for the power of sound fuels her commitment to the ever-evolving world of dance, healing, and meditation music, lovingly intertwining them.

KILONOVA invites you to transcend the ordinary and immerse yourself in her frequencies for a transformative dancefloor journey. Elevate your spirit, unify heart and mind, all while grooving to the beat of the cosmic rhythm. 🎶💃🕺

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