New Release: Dark in the Light


Dark in the Light, Feat. Shylo Love

Release date: 2023-02-23


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.. there was a KILONOVA! BOOM!

KILONOVA, also known as Shylo Love of Sound Love Alchemy, is a DJ and music producer specializing in multi-genre electro-acoustic music. With a distinct approach, Shylo tunes her music to an alternate tuning of A=444hz, resulting in a unique and uplifting experience.

KILONOVA has been behind the decks since late 2013, spinning at various festivals, events and private gatherings around Alberta and BC. Her sound is characterized by feel-good melodies, upbeat basslines, and a diverse range of genres. Depending on the occasion, she sometimes complements the beats with tuning forks, instruments or live vocals.

Shylo, the creative force behind KILONOVA, has also dedicated herself to studying energy healing modalities and sound healing therapies for over 14 years. She continues to expand her knowledge, including learning to play the bass guitar and violin while pursuing a Sound Engineering Diploma.

Shylo’s musical journey includes the production of a sound therapy album in 2009, a chakra balancing meditation album with Sound ॐ Love Alchemy☿ in 2011, and a multi-genre dance album as KILONOVA in 2018. Recently, she released two tracks in 2022 under her new record label, LoveFire Records. These musical works of art have garnered international recognition and love from fans across 167 countries. Furthermore, Shylo co-founded LoveFire Radio, an online radio station supporting talented DJs and producers from western Canada and beyond.

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