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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.. there was a KILONOVA!

Betwixt this merger of love and fire, a daughter of the constellation of Hydra was ejected into existence. Made of gold, platinum and jelly beans, she rode a gamma ray 130 million light years to Earth … where she twiddled, ate cake and made some bassy boom boom!

KILONOVA, aka Shylo ॐ Love of Sound ॐ Love Alchemy☿, produces multi-genre music using an alternate tuning of A=444hz, which tunes the C key to 528hz. Known as a “whole tone”, it is far more than a frequency, it is a master/tonic key that emanates peaceful, healing vibes and just feels really good! Over the past 11 years, Shylo has studied various energy healing modalities and sound therapies, utilizing these skills to produce a Solfeggio Frequency album in 2009, a Chakra meditation album with Sound ॐ Love Alchemy☿ in 2011 and a multi-genre dance album as KILONOVA in 2018, with a new album in the works for late 2019, early 2020. These musical works of art are loved in over 88 countries, so music really does unite us!

KILONOVA has been behind the decks since 2013, “long mixing and mashing”, at various festivals and events around Alberta and BC, Canada.  Her sound is feel-good, melodic and upbeat ‘bassy boom boom’. Having a love for many genres, she spins everything from downtempo, indie and chill to bass house, deep house, breaks, techno, liquid dnb and progressive psytrance. Depending on the occasion, she sometimes complements the beats with tuning forks, instruments or live vocals.

KILONOVA aka Shylo ॐ Love and Sound ॐ Love Alchemy☿ are regularly featured on LoveFireRadio.com, an international online radio station which was co-founded by Shylo in 2011 and supports a vast group of talented DJs and producers from western Canada.

2_Trillion_Galaxies_AlbumCoverThere are over 2 trillion observable galaxies in our universe… our little Milky Way is only one of trillions!? We are not alone! The odds are against it!

Our first album, produced in alternate tuning of A=444hz, where C becomes 528hz.  Our DNA resonates in the key of C. .. and we are all made of stars.

Dedicated to the spectacle of our vast, wonderful universe and all the life that surely thrives …

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